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Monday, September 17, 2012

By Pawan Rana

BMW showcases three pot engine for its cars

‘Stoop to Conquer’, seems to be the new mantra BMW has adopted to strengthen its hold over the luxury car market. Now the car maker is thinking of bringing in the 1.5 L 3 cylinder turbo charged engine range to BMW cars. This will not only make the cars affordable, but will also bring the cars the much needed frugality. The engine is the small avatar of the six cylinder engines that the car maker has put under the hood of the BMW 3 Series, 7 Series and 5 Series. It is believed that the downsized version of the engine will be used under the hood of BMW 1 Series soon. The unveil is seen to be a revolution as this is going to drastically reduce the BMW car price and if that happens the car maker will be able to for long enjoying its tenure as the top luxury car maker.

BMW 3 Series Pictures

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Update in this regard confirms that the car maker will be launching these new engines in cars soon and there will be petrol and diesel engine options. More details about the new engines suggest that the in line type engines will have three cylinders and this engine will be used in BMW 1 Series, BMW Mini cars and the BMW i8 supercar. Soon, BMW is hoped to put these under more models in order to bring the price down and make its cars volume pullers. In India specially, the downsized engine BMW cars could be an instant hit as the price is going to be less than their fully powered models.

BMW 7 Series Pictures

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The new engines will be offered in petrol and diesel options and as per the initial information, the engines will be put under the hood of the BMW 1 Series and later it will be used in a variety of BMW cars in India. The petrol engine will have an output of 120 bhp to 220 bhp whereas the diesel engine will have power output ranging from 80 bhp to 190 bhp. These engines will also be cost effective to as these share a lot of components.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BMW 3 Series is my dream car. I like very much.

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