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Saturday, July 28, 2012

By Pawan Rana

BMW to sell cars online

Now that BMW has its all-new brand ambassador – Sachin Tendulkar the German car maker hopes to play on the front foot. Also, now as the most awaited and best selling new BMW 3 Series is in, the car maker will be focusing on sales now. In order to keep its numero uno position intact, the car maker will be selling BMW cars online soon. Also, it has laid plans of the launch of BMW i3 city car as well as a sports car – BMW i8. These two BMW cars will be launched next year. The i Series cars will be the environment friendly BMW cars.

BMW 3 Series Pictures

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The car maker will be start selling BMW cars online next year and it is expected that it will also be recruiting dealers across the nation. Now that the brand will have immediate step up in publicity and every Sachin fan now knows that he has become the brand ambassador of BMW cars, the car maker expects that there will be a bright future ahead. Also, the brand has already made its position in the market and with the association of Sachin the brand will settle fast with increase in sales in the offing. BMW cars such as BMW X1 and BMW 3 Series have been more than a success for the brand and the launch of the new 3 Series has further boosted its demand in India.

BMW 3 Series Pictures

See More BMW 3 Series Photos Get BMW 3 Series Price

The introduction of new models as well as strengthening of the BMW car dealership network will further boost the presence of the car maker in India and will help it retain its top notch position in the country in the luxury car segment. Also, the online sale of cars will be reducing the cost of the car as well as there will no expenses and BMW cars will be sold directly from the company to the customer.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Selling BMW cars online is a great idea. Most of the people will definitely attract towards this because of the profit.

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