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Friday, January 10, 2014

By Kamal Swami

BMW to unveil BMW i8 sports hybrid during Indian Auto Expo 2014

Here is some interesting news coming out from German luxurious car maker BMW, if reports are believed that the car maker will unveil its hybrid sports car BMW i8 during the upcoming Indian Auto Expo 2014. Prior to this company had showcased the same model during Frankfurt Motor Show held in 2013. This hybrid sports car is boosted with 1.5 .litre twin-turbocharged three cylinder petrol engine along with electronic machine churning the power of 362 bhp and torque of 570 Nm.  Of these two power mills, the petrol motor develops the power of 231 bhp and torque of 320 Nm, whereas the electronic power machine generates the power of 131 bhp and torque of 250 Nm. It will accelerate the speed from standstill to 100 kmp within the span of 4.5 seconds and is capable to achieving the top speed of 250 kmph. It is speculated to deliver an average of 50 kmpl, which will be due to low output of emission levels.
The upcoming BMW i8 has been claimed as the fuel efficient car which delivers an enhanced experience of driving to the buyers. It is also expected to carry its looks from Jaguar F type and Porsche 911 and will be quite different from regular sports cars. According to reports after unveiling the BMW i8 during the Indian Auto Expo 2014, is working also in determining its launching strategy in Indian car market in the same year.
Talking about the physical features mounted in car the headlamp cluster is reported to be offered with LEDs and laser headlights. According to sources of BMW both these lights are 70% more powerful and bright than the regular LEDs. Moving ahead sources also added that the glass used for making this sports hybrid car are hardened with chemicals. Similarly with an objective of offering comfort driving and travelling experience to driver and travelers the seats have been made lighter. It can be said that company has designed interiors keeping the future requirements of customers in concern.
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