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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Brand renovation in progress, Mercedes Benz aims Indian youth

Germany based premium luxury automobile manufacturer; Mercedes Benz, in India is a renowned name, when it comes to best-in-class comfort, sheer luxury and unsurpassed safety features along with a hefty price tag. And all of these are termed suitable for a top-shot businessmen and executive class.

Now, the German marquee is in preparation to transform its brand image by reaching the juvenile and fancy group of car lovers in India. Power and performance are the two new found mainstays on which the company will be focusing alongside style, safety and comfort.

To allure younger bunch of generation in the country, the corporation is renovating its picture which it had in past years and is focusing to characterize itself as a brand that’s sporty and influential. As said by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes Benz, Mr. Peter Honegg. To make the youngsters conscious about the brand’s new lively strategy the company playing an important role as an investor, in the upcoming event of Formula 1 to be held in Noida, he confirmed.

Director for Marketing and Sales at Mercedes Benz, Mr. Debashis Mitra informed that to ensure the awareness reaches the targeted audience that is the young blood; an array of events are organized by the company to be held in top twenty-four colleges spread across seven cities in India. In a bid to retain its pride as the number one luxury car brand in the nation, the company is concentrating on the launch of ten new car models in the forthcoming three years. Apart from the brand image change, company is also planning to increase the sale to 8000 units in the approaching months from its current 5000 units sold this year.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

I think By far the most powerful car is Mercedes Benz SLS AMG in Mercedes Benz !



Thursday, October 06, 2011

<br /> <br />I guess it was about time...I have heard complains on this car about big quality(excellent hand labor,equipment,big quality materials )for years.

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