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Friday, February 24, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Buy a CC funding funda attracts sponsors for 600cc formula car project

You have seen mammoth 620 bhp 5999cc, V12 engine in Ferrari 599 or a 4300cc, V8 engine in Ferrari California sports car, now there is a Formula One car in the making in India that has 600cc engine under its bonnet. However, it is smaller than the Formula One cars but the initiative is great and is worth a bag full of appreciation. The new Formula 1 car is being developed by the Formula team of Manipur University students. Another interesting this about this car is that in order to attract funding, the students have invited sponsorships by the name ‘Buy a CC’. Anybody can buy a CC that costs $25 or Rs 1000 and the fund will be collected and put into the development of this car. After development it will be the first Formula One car developed in India.  

As per Formula Manipal team manager Jimmy Cherian, by now over 250 CCs have found sponsors and he expects that the project will get its targeted amount soon. Divulging details about the project, Cherian said that the Manipal Institute of Technology students, are developing a formula car with 600 CC Honda CBR engine. For the purpose, the team has invited sponsorships in the form of cheque, draft, cash deposit or bank transfer and hopes that the team will get sponsors for all its 600 CCs.

The Buy a CC campaign is for the sake of attaining self sufficiency for the project in the development of a formula car in India. The team has also proposed many gifts and constant updates for all those who sponsor the car project. Notably, the project started in 2008 and had moved on a little bit only in the absence of sufficient funds. Currently the university is funding the project. However with this innovative funding method, the project will take a leap and the team members hope to launch the car soon. In order to get know how of formula cars, the team has visited many formula one racing events across globe.

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