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Friday, March 08, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Buy Skoda Rapid and get free Fabia hatchback

When it comes to the exclusive promotional schemes then car manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned in thinking out of the box deals, in order to attract customers. Car manufacturers are really having a tough time due to economic slowdown and increase in the cost of living. It is apparent that downturn in sales can only be overcome by rolling out exciting and innovative sales promotional schemes. Recently, a Gujarat-based Skoda dealer rolled out a scheme that sounds like jaw-dropping. If a customer buys a Skoda Rapid sedan, he will get a Skoda Fabia hatchback completely free of cost. Well, this offer is certainly an exciting one but it comes with a snag. A customer will be able to obtain the delivery of hatchback in the year 2018 that means after 5 years.

Skoda Rapid Pictures

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This is surely not first kind of innovative promotional scheme. Volkswagen also came up with an interesting offer wherein a customer can exchange his old car for a brand new Volkswagen Vento sedan by simply shelling out Re 1 and he can avail two convenient options, either to pay the full amount after one year or to pay the whole amount in 36 EMIs. Another fascinating deal comes once again from Volkswagen wherein a customer can pay the 50% amount of the car at the time of buying it and rest of the amount he can pay after one year.  

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Well, there are no qualms that innovative and attractive deals is like win-win situation for car makers and customers, both. As car makers can clear their stock by luring customers to buy cars and on the other hand, customers get different convenient options related to make the payment, through which it becomes possible to buy the car. It will be really interesting to witness that whether this lucrative deal introduced by Skoda dealer will prove to be effective in boosting the sale or not.

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