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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Cadillac cars not to be launched soon!

Looks like luxury car lovers will have to wait more for Cadillac brands of luxury cars. General Motors has recently stated that the company has no plans to bring in the Cadillac luxury car brand in the Indian car market anytime soon, as per reports. This surely is shocking as many luxury car brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes are earning good in India and are busy in expanding their networks here.

General Motors also stated that right now GM India is focusing on its Chevrolet brand and has many cars to be launched this year. And because of the same reason, Cadillac car launches has been given a back seat for the Indian car market. However, the company will launch Chevrolet Sail, Chevrolet Enjoy and New Chevrolet Spark in India. The luxury car market in the country has been flourishing and thriving since a couple of years now. According to the fresh reports, about 25000 luxury cars have been sold-out in the year 2011. The demand has been a bit under pressure in 2012 till now because of slow and dull economic growth and interest rates rising with a supersonic speed.

Besides Mercedes, Audi and BMW, car manufactures like Nissan and Toyota are also ready to launch their luxury cars in the Indian car bazaar. Lexus from Toyota and the well known Infiniti from Nissan might knock at the Indian doors very soon. However, Toyota has already confirmed the launch of Lexus, but Nissan’s response about Infiniti in India is still awaited.

One of the major reasons why car makers are a bit hesitant to launch their luxury car brands in India is the high import duty for the completely built luxury vehicles. In statistics are taken into account, the import duty has gone up by 130% on each unit. Hopefully, things fall into place and car companies bring in more luxury cars to the Indian car market.

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