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Friday, January 23, 2015

By Kriti Gupta

Cadillac limousine, ‘The Beast” in Fleet of U.S President Barack Obama’s cars

Visit of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II, is one of the highly awaited events in country and every citizen of India is keenly waiting for President Obama to land on Indian soil on January 25, 2015 to began his three days visit. During his visit the President will participate in Republic Day function being organized on January 26, 2015 and will visit some historical places across the country. 
Apart from offering the best staying services to U.S President, Indian government will take care of his transportation so that he may not feel any discomfort during his travel. It is reported that during his travel to India, President Obama will use his armored Cadillac limousine recalled as ‘The Beast’. The main reason is due to safety reasons. Although till now nothing much has been revealed so far about this special car but according to reports it is one of the safest vehicles on earth. The metals used in development of Beast comprise of steel, aluminum, ceramic and titanium. The armor plating is covered with bulletproof windows which is five inches thicker.
The rear of Beast bestows an oxygen supply tank which is supported with technically developed fire extinguishing instrument. There is a separate segment inside the cabin where various emergency amenities are placed including pump action shotguns, facility of locking the cabin, impenetrable panic room etc. The fuel tanks is blessed with special kind of foam that can resist explodes even during extreme collapse. Boosted with 6.5 litre Duramax diesel engine and accelerates the top speed of 100 miles per hour. With seating capacity of seven passengers Beast supports connectivity with wi-fi and satellite phone. The armored car is developed by Goodyear and is embellished with tyres are puncture resistant. 

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