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Thursday, January 12, 2023

By Manoj Kumawat

Can Chinese EV Makers Disrupt Indian EV Segment?

Despite various efforts made by the government and with some high-performing electric vehicles like Tata Nexon, Hyundai Kona, MG ZS EV, and a few more, the Indian electric car segment has not achieved the expected success. There are many reasons behind this dull progress. Although many car manufacturing companies are working in this direction and readying to upgrade their existing portfolio with electric versions, the progress isn't according to expectations. 
On the other side, ignoring the recent conflicts with India, Chinese carmakers are optimistic about their expansion plans in the Indian car market. According to recent reports, Chinese car maker BYD is going to explore its production activities in the Indian car market. The company is not only ready to launch new electric vehicles in India but also expand its dealership network in the country. The largest electric vehicle manufacturing company in the world plans to rule 50% of the EV segment in the Asian continent.
The company is ready to introduce its third offering in the Indian car market by the end of this year. It also plans to almost double its dealership network across the country and take its number to 53 showrooms across the country during this year. The Chinese carmaker launched its first electric car in India in October 2022 and plans to sell 15,000 units throughout the year. It has almost invested more than $200 million as a part of its expansion programme. 
It would be interesting to know that investment by Chinese automakers in India has been under strict screening due to conflicting relationships between neighbouring countries. At the same time, India also plans to become the top manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world. The government of India has already mentioned its objective of making achieving complete electric mobility by 2030. Homegrown automakers Like Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra are introducing their affordable vehicles in the country.

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