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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

By Kamal Swami

Can Cow-Dung Replace The Diesel Engine?

Can cow dung replace the diesel engine? This question will surely be enough to surprise anyone. But now, don't be surprised if someone asks you this question because British scientists have made this possible. According to recent reports, researchers in the UK-based company Bennamann have developed a tractor that runs on cow dung without a single drop of diesel. This tractor can generate the power of 270 horsepower. 
Tractor Running On Cow-Dung
The importance of cow dung as fertilizer is known for years, especially, in organic farming, cow dung plays an important role. Now the use of cow dung to run a tractor will surely give a new direction to its use in other vehicles and open the way for the use of tractors running with cow dung. The notable feature of this tractor is that it is no less than a diesel-powered tractor.
Why The Cow Dung? According to sources related to production, cow dung develops fugitive methane gas which converts into biomethane fuel. This makes buying a tractor affordable for the farmers. Moving ahead, this will help in controlling the increasing levels of pollution. According to experts, a tractor with an efficiency of generating 270 horsepower can easily be used for farming. It is the same as CNG-powered vehicles.
For running this tractor, researchers collected cow dung and converted it into Biomethane gas. The tractor also has a cryogenic tank which uses the fuel developed from biomethane. This tank converts biomethane gas into fuel at 162 degrees temperature. Once this tractor comes into practice will help in minimizing the expenses of farmers on farming.

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