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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Car controls operated by human gestures

We have seen the voice controlled system in new Ford Fiesta as well as on Bentley and other cars. Now human gestures will be controlling a large number of things inside the car. These include the audio system, air conditioning and the phone. In the development and testing phase currently, the new nod and wink mechanism to control gadgets inside the car will make driving effortless and long journeys won’t be tiring. However, it is to be seen which cars get this device. It is expected that cars in India will also get it as soon as it is launched.

Ford Fiesta Pictures

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The world is desperately trying to make cars as comfortable as it can and this new development will surely revolutionize the way driving a car was earlier and now. It would not be an exaggeration to say but soon there will be no buttons on the dashboard as this gesture based mechanism will be taking its place. Also, unmanned cars have become a reality and these are being tested aggressively. If that becomes a reality, mobility will be transformed in toto. In addition to this, where the advancements in car are in progress, the hydrocarbon based fuel are fast depleting leading to soon to come crisis for petrol and diesel.

Ford Fiesta Pictures

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The gesture based device will be controlling most of the controls such as the audio system and the driver can turn it on, off, increase, decrease volume as well as change the radio station. The driver just need to wink in a special fashion and the radio will switch on, wink in another way and it can be switched off. Similarly, there are controls for mobile phone, air conditioning and satellite navigation. The new gesture based mechanism is under development and it is expected to arrive in the next two years.

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