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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Car logo thefts on the rise in Mangalore and around

You must have heard of car thefts, or accessories such as music system being stolen from a car parked, but there is a new genre of thieves on the go in Mangalore that loves to steal car logos and monograms. People are fanatic of cars and some are fanatic of driving them but these thieves seem to love the logo more than the car itself. Obviously, the luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Skoda and Volkswagen besides others are their prime target. As per the preliminary reports, car crazy students are supposed to be behind these thefts. Reportedly, these car logo thieves sell car logos to scrap dealer and make quick money.


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Whatever may be the reason and whoever be behind the thefts but it is sure that the craze for these cars is there. The thieves have thought that if not the car at least get the badge. Thus they steal only the logo and badge on the bonnet, grille or at the rear from cars that are parked in mass parkings, leaving the car without the badge. The car then looks deserted without the badge. Most of the cars have their logo, badge on the nose of the car and if stolen, the area looks as if something is missing from the car.

All the more, the car is then indistinguishable without the logo and need to have a logo at the earliest. As per the theft reports in police stations, areas near State Bank of India (Hamilton) Circle, Light House Hill Road areas and Town Hall area are the worst affected one in Mangalore and people are getting tizzy about the petty thefts. Some refrain to report it, while some struggle to report it and at last have to buy a new badge from the company or a duplicate from an auto parts vendor. But these badges are no cheap and as per a report a new Volkswagen logo price is around Rs 1800. Recently, there has also been surge in the number of customers asking for new logos. On the other hand in the grey market, the logos can be bought cheaply from a scrap dealer.

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