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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Car maker line up car launches at the New York Auto Show

New York International Auto Show is here on March 29 and it will be one of the most exciting auto events in the history of cars. It is at this event that the world will witness some of the most sensational car launches including the ones from Land Rover, Hyundai and Lamborghini. The almost one month event will be showcasing some of the world’s finest automobiles in their full glitterati. Where the Geneva Motor Show has increased the anticipation of some new cars, the NY Show will certainly satiate the same. In US this is the biggest event and it just precedes the time when there is most of car buying in US.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Photos

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A lot of other car makers have also laid down a hectic schedule during the NY Auto Show and it is believed that there will lot so surprise entries as well as some of the most astonishing entries as well. The event will be covered by international press and paparazzi from across countries will gather here to witness the grand event which is also terms as the summer of auto events. As far as the launches are concerned, GM will be launching the Chevrolet SS at the onset of the event. It is believed that this street machine will be encouraging the same amount of thrill as that of its racetrack version.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Photos

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In the meantime, Land Rover will be unveiling the Land Rover Range Rover Sport new car just ahead of the show and it is said that this show will have this car at its centre of attraction. Just as the Range Rover Sport has thrilled the world with its performance and agility so will this new car invite much enthusiasm. Another event worth watching will be the launch of new Hyundai Equus. This new car will have an encouraging price tag and it is believed that people will be awed by its use of technology.

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