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Monday, January 23, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Car makers eye Facebook, Twitter to further their presence online

With the average age of car buyer in India getting younger, car makers in India have all gone techie. Not only are they putting in more tech stuff in cars, they have also decided to advance their visibility on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter besides others. Almost all car makers including the top three namely Maruti, Hyundai and Tata Motors are all pumping in money to promote their Facebook and Twitter pages as part of their social media advertising.

Maruti XA Alpha Pictures

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You type it and there is the Facebook, Twitter presence of any car of any brand. Be it Maruti XA Alpha or Ford Ecosport, you have all cars maintaining their presence on these big sites. Use of Facebook and Twitter to promote brand and cars had picked up pace suddenly in the last one year with more and more car companies creating and updating their brand and product pages. Besides the pages are being constantly updated with latest information about the car. Now almost every car has a Facebook page and every new development about the car is on twitter within no time. By doing this, the brand and the product visibility increases besides propagation of updated information to the current and prospective buyers. The basic impetus behind such venture obviously is customer response and brand awareness.


Ford EcoSport Pictures

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Besides this there has been an increasing use of smartphones by the youth and this has also increased presence of prospective buyers on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this, internet presence in India is increasing day-by-day.

Car experts believe that where websites and Facebook pages of cars have provided information these have also become a tool to enable people to share their view about the particular car. This helps the new visitor to know about the response about the car. Also, where there were hundred people visiting the showroom just to inquire the cc of a car, there could only be fifty doing so while the rest of them would be googling it.

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