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Monday, September 19, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Car Makers Revamping Their Strategy for Diesel Cars

Diesel Vehicles

From years diesel cars have been considered as an economic mode of transportation and therefore along with petrol variant the diesel variant of every new car is also launched in its congruence. But, now according to recent industry reports major car makers like Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Honda Motors and Toyota Motors revamping their strategy for production of diesel cars. According to sources of these companies in recent times the situation regarding transportation of diesel vehicles has been ambiguity towards the use of diesel vehicles, especially after recent decisions of Supreme Court and preference of government towards BS VI emission standards.
It is reported that country’s leading car maker MSIL is speculating options to phase out its 800cc diesel engine configuration which at present is mounted in Celerio and other products. Asking about the confirmed news in this direction source of MSIL refused to comment single word on company’s future plan as it would be beyond company’s policy. 
On the other side it is reported that Japanese car maker Toyota Motors has dropped the idea of introducing 1.5 litre GDI diesel engine from its proposed sedan Vios in Indian car market. Similarly, another Japanese car maker Honda Motors which revolutionized the diesel segment with launch of compact sedan Amaze almost five years back is also reported to drop its idea of empowering its small cars with 1.2 litre 3 cylinder diesel engine. Interestingly same type of step is also reported to be taken by domestic car maker Tata Motors, as according to recent reports company has kept its plan for introducing 1.2 litre and 1.6 litre diesel engines on hold.
As reported, Supreme Court has eliminated ban on Diesel SUVs in Delhi and NCR on condition for imposing special environment tax on vehicles with more than 2000 cc displacement capacity. However, the final decision on this matter is yet come by Supreme Court in coming months. Now with government getting strict towards the production of BSVI emission vehicles, developing diesel vehicles according to government guidelines will get expensive for car makers. 

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