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Monday, December 26, 2011

By Manoj Kumawat

Car makers take on aggressive ad campaigns eyeing Auto Expo 2012

Car makers have started allocating some extra bucks in order to intensify their visibility in the auto sector. Perhaps their cars are best advertisers but in order to stand in competition with domestic and foreign players, there is a significant increase in siphoning of money to advertising. Domestic players such as Maruti, Tata or Mahindra though have to spend less compared to foreign carmakers like Audi, Ford, BMW or Chevrolet to name a few.

Renault Duster Pictures

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If one is asked about the most aggressive advertising campaign, there will be two cars that will come to mind- Renault Fluence and Tata Nano. Besides, we have an array of launches ahead in 2012 starting early January. Around 30 new cars will be launched in the next year including Renault Duster, Renault Pulse and others to name a few. The Auto Expo 2012 is again a major playground where car companies will be spending on advertising like anything. It is here that they will be displaying their existing as well new cars apart from upcoming cars that will be offered in India.

Renault Pulse Pictures

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Experts believe that over the years, the budgeting on ads both print and media have increased considerably. This is surely a race to beat the other carmaker’s product. Over the years, advertising has also seen newer means and newer methods to communicate information. Even more these have in fact made advertisements resource intensive and more money intensive. Where we could just see a few advertisements on the television or in the daily newspaper, we can see large hoardings and online advertising by car companies as well. These days special campaigns are chalked out for any car launch. This has made advertising for cars a specialized field and there are expert media houses available to handle it. However, some companies adopting the new technology take the aerial route to launch their add campaign and advertise their car online with the help of adds on sites, videos, launch web casts, reviews and lot more.

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