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Monday, September 03, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Cars to have one time tax in West Bengal

If you want to be buy Maruti Swift Dzire or the home produced Hindustan Ambassador car and also want to spare yourself from all worries of paying tax on cars for the lifetime, buy the car in Kolkata. The West Bengal state government has implemented the ‘lifetime tax’ option. As per the details available, now existing and new car owners will have to pay tax on cars only once and it will be valid for the lifetime of the car. This way not only the revenue of the state will be more, it will also spare car owners from paying tax under the present tax provisions.

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As per sources information, the new lifetime tax eases burden on car buyers as it allows them to pay one time tax on cars that will be valid for the lifetime of the car. The existing tax provisions car buyers to pay the first tax at the time of purchase of the car and then every five years for fifteen years and every year after that. This makes the tax chevvy. Notably, Kolkata is a place which is the hometown of Hindustan Ambassador, the most affordable sedan in India. It is also known as the red beacon car as most of the big wig bureaucrats, politicians have it as their government car. Besides, West Bengal is also a land that has unaccepted the Tata Nano and threw it out of Singur.

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Notably, the lifetime tax is only an option to the prevailing tax procedure and it is up to the car buyer to choose it or not. The rates of the tax have also been announced and the it has come into effect after the West Bengal Additional Road Tax (Amendment ) Bill came into force today. Roughly speaking the one time tax on cars will be 10 percent of the car price and thus one wishes to have Maruti Alto registered in his name in Kolkata he will have to pay Rs 30,000-35,000 to the department as one time tax.

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

rateof life time tax at present in west bengal

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