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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Chevrolet Enjoy more details emerge

The Maruti Ertiga MUV has been enjoying bumper sales for quite some time now and it seems that its honeymoon period is soon to be over as the Chevrolet Enjoy is about to be launched. More details about this Chevrolet MPV are there and a close look at them indicates that it will be a far more success in the making than the Chevrolet Tavera. It is said that the Enjoy is in the test phase right now and in all probability it will see a launch this year. It could be possible that the car maker might launch it in some days and will start deliveries later this year so as to take advantage of the festive season car buying trend.

Chevrolet Enjoy Photo

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The car maker is testing the Enjoy aggressively in India in order to make it truly enjoyable for the car enthusiast and the car owners. Unlike the Tavera there will not be a dearth of space inside the Enjoy and it will be a 2+3+3 cabin. There will be a variant offering 2+2+3 seating pattern as well. There will be a 78 PS engine powering the car and this much power is sufficient to make this MPV tackle any of the long distance runs in the country. Compared to the Toyota Innova, the Enjoy will have better knee space and the third row enjoy as much head room and elbow room as the second row. This is said to be one of the best part of the upcoming Chevrolet MPV.

Chevrolet Enjoy Photo

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In addition to this, Chevrolet will be offering it with a three year free maintenance package to offer complete peace of mind to the car buyers. Based on the most success CN 101 platform, the Enjoy will be the second car based on the platform. First being the Chevrolet Sail that is soon to be launched in India.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Chevrolet Enjoy is good car with nice exterior.

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