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Friday, January 11, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Chevrolet Sail Sedan to be showcased at Detroit Motor Show next year

With the commencement of New Year, new car products will be showing faces to its fan. The North American International Auto Show is scheduled for next week in Detroit and some of the most prestigious names like Corvette, Imapala and Malibu would be seen presenting their cars there. Along with these brands, Chevrolet Sail will also be presented.

Chevrolet Sail Pictures

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Apart from Chevrolet Sail sedan, General Motor will also be showcasing three of its recent compact cars, which include Onix and Spin. These two cars will be competition with Orlando and Trax. According to the firm, Spin is already doing quite well in the Brazilian car market and is going to be manufactured in Indonesia at its Bekasi Plant. During this year, Spin will hit the Indonesian and Thailand car market. Coming back to Sail, this car will be the first passenger car that will be totally manufactured in China by a Sino-Foreign JV, which is basically exported to Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. On the other hand, in India, Ecuador and Colombia, the car will imported in CKD kits from China and would be assembled in the respective plants.For Chevrolet Onix, which is a compact hatchback has been developed particularly for Brazil. The specialty of the car is that is comes with the Chevrolet MyLink Infotainment system, which makes it the first one to have in the segment.



Chevrolet Sail Pictures

For India, General Motors had showcased the Chevrolet Sail hatchback at the 11th Auto Expo last year in Delhi. Now, the company will be displaying Sail sedan at the Detroit show. Therefore, we could very well see that the Sail sedan launch in India is quite far away. But, as Indian car bazaar is one of the most thriving one, it might see the sunshine here soon!

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