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Thursday, March 14, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Chevrolet Sail UVA Diesel price cut model coming soon

The price discount model of the Tata Indica eV2 LS diesel is in and now the other car makers are in a state of shock. They might be fearing that with a whooping discount of Rs 46k on this car will give it the best selling diesel hatchback title. Sensing this it is Chevrolet that might launch the price cut version of the recently launched Chevrolet Sail UVA diesel hatchback. The price of new Sail UVA diesel model could be Rs 5.29 lakh and this will make it much affordably priced as compared to Maruti Swift. It is also believed that the launch of the low priced diesel version will invite a great momentum in its sales.  

Chevrolet Sail UV-A Pictures

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This low priced entry level diesel variant of the Sail UVA is also going to get Chevrolet the required numbers that it has expected while launching this Chinese product in the country. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Sail sedan has received much response in the C segment following its better pricing and feature rich models. But experts believe that if Chevrolet cuts price of the car along with features then it will be a big mistake as low feature variants do not sell well in the country. Even too much low priced version altogether fail and many a times car makers refrain from launching any such stripped off versions.  

An intelligent price cut in the form of some drop of such features that do not affect the overall performance and appearance of the car will only be helpful. If some essential features such as power windows or body colored bumpers and one outside rear view mirror are done then nobody will wish to buy it as by paying some extra he would get the regular version with all these features. Also, the dealers will then be pushing the higher variant and not the entry level variant. But any kind of price cut in the diesel variant will be more than welcome and will be accept with full fervor. This will also help the car maker attain the required sales numbers it has expected.

Chevrolet Sail UV-A Front Angle View Picture Chevrolet Sail UV-A Boot Open Picture Chevrolet Sail UV-A Engine Picture Chevrolet Sail UV-A Third Row Seat Picture Chevrolet Sail UV-A Rear Angle View Picture

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