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Monday, February 18, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Chevrolet Spark gets MyLink package for iPhone connectivity

Chevrolet has yet again made the small car Chevrolet Spark (Chevrolet Beat in India) more than a car. This time, the car maker has imbibed in it the luxury car feature of iPhone connectivity called the MyLink package. With this package on the Spark, the customers can connect their iPhone with the car’s infotainment system and make, receive calls, text messages, receive messages and navigate to places using their phone. The infotainment module works with Siri iPhone EyesFree app on. This new feature addition in the small car has made this car a value proposition in the segment and already the car is a great hit and specially since it got new looks sometime back.

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Back in India, the car is a hit as well specially the diesel model that is well taken in the segment following its high mileage of over 25.44 kmpl. The car is in direct completion with Tata Indica eV2 that returns a mileage of 25 kmpl and the Maruti Swift diesel that has a mileage of over 20 kmpl. The Beat also has many segment first features which are most liked by the customers and as per the reports, its sales in the recent months have increased following the high demand for high mileage diesel cars in India. Though the addition of this new feature is currently restricted to US only, it is highly probable that it will also be launched in India as well. The reason why it is highly probable is that in India, people like a car that offers so many features at less price.  

The MyLink package makes the use of iPhone easier inside the car and makes making and receiving calls using the voice assist system on iPhone. This not only makes the use of cellphone inside the car much convenient but safe as well. In addition to this, the car maker is soon to launch the feature in other cars as well and hopefully some of the Chevrolet cars in India will also get this feature upgrade.

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