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Thursday, January 30, 2014

By John Andrew

Coal charging cars in coming future

An in-house developed new Coal Charging Car commissioned at Coke Oven Battery-4 has been inaugurated by the public sector Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) here.  Coal Charging Cars are the vital oven equipment which are operated continuously on the oven top to feed coal blend to the Batteries of the oven, RSP sources said today. Though during rebuilding of the Coke Oven Battery-4, only one Charging Car had been planned for use in the circuit, later the need of another charging car was felt. Hence, it was decided to develop a new charging car rather than purchase a new car which would have cost about Rs 7.08 Crore, they said. 
All relevant drawings were developed by the collective efforts of employees of Coke Ovens (Mechanical) and Design Departments. All materials were procured and made ready at site within a span of 24 months, they said. With the committed and dedicated efforts from Mechanical, Electrical & Operation crews of Coke Ovens department, a new Coal Charging Car was successfully erected on Battery-4 with a total expenditure of Rs 3.61 Crore. 
After carrying out thorough trial and testing, the Charging Car was brought into the operating circuit. The successful commissioning of the new Coal Charging Car has not only eliminated huge cash outflow but has also avoided the production loss that could have occurred due to inadequate availability of stand-by equipment. Moreover, the new charging car, inaugurated by RSP's CEO G S Prasad last week, will also help in increasing the life span of the existing Coal Charging Cars. 

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