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Thursday, April 27, 2017

By Manoj Kumawat

Concept of Self-Driving Car to Boost With Nvidia’s Super Computer

The concept of self-driving car flourished at jet dynamic speed across the world in recent years and day is not too far when we will be finally traveling in such cars that will run on our orders. Although the success of autonomous cars is hidden in future, but recently in his keynote speech during the CES 2017 NVIDIA’S CEO Mr. Jen-Huang surprised the audiences with his concept of converting your beloved car into personal robot. If the concept exhibit by the NVIDIA’s CEO really came into the existence it will not be less than a revolutionary step in the field of self-driving cars.
NVIDIA'S Super Computer
During show the US based technical company exhibited the computer device named as Xavier, the AI supercomputer that will turn your car into the robot and enable to learn driving by going through the driving habits adopted by the fellow drivers. The concept of making machines learn anything is derived from the learning practice adopted by the human beings, where in parents proudly tell their children that how their parents taught them the technique of riding a bike or driving a car, and how much they were nervous in the beginning and how the things became easier for them. Keeping the same process in concern company has developed a machine which will be capable of reading and interpreting the unstructured instructions in form of images, verbal orders and videos. The deep learning process introduced in the device makes use of algorithms and assist the computers to understand the things taking place around it.
Moving ahead the deep learning system will also facilitate the device to understand the various parameters for instance difference between an ambulance and the goods truck, identifying the place for parking, predicting the objects closer to the car etc. The program initiated by the US technical company will be partnered by international car makers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Honda. 

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