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Friday, August 10, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Conquest Evade enters with Rs 8 crore price tag In India

Conquest Vehicles, a car manufacturing company based in Toronto has introduced their new SUV to the Indian subcontinent. Evade, the SUV is seriously a gigantic car that in spite of being a huge machine has outstanding performance and control for the customer. The most unexpected fact is Evade price value that is speculated to cross Rs 8 crore for the base variant. Yes, it’s right and no wonder that this SUV is targeted for the rich and the bigger ones.

Evade specifications are heftier than what anybody can handle. With a playground stretch of 400 cu ft interior one can be the most comfortable passenger on earth inside this car. Running on 4x4 wheel power transmission, performance cannot be denied as the ferocious one.

For a matter of choice, the company has done a lot of homework about the Indian customers’ demands as both petrol and diesel engine concept is availed.

Evade exteriors which are made of aluminum-steel material is calm yet thousand times more catchy and gigantic than any other SUV in the Indian automobile world. Improved headlights, taillights, monstrous grille design and wide body predict this new SUV to be a hit among the youth and the adventurous mass.

Interiors of Evade include accessories like laptop trays, flat television, driver seat inclusion technique and many more. The design of Evade is influenced by Defense and Military locomotives which can be easily judged by its first sight.

Conquest Vehicles Inc., the Evade maker, has also surprised the public with their over-responsive vehicles namely Knight XV, an SUV again. Let’s see what Evade has in its destiny in the Indian grounds.

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