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Monday, December 31, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Datsun cars to use Lada and V platforms

Japanese car maker Nissan is all set to be the volume puller with the revival of Datsun brand cars. Primarily, the car giant will be pitching in Datsun cars in India as this is a heaven for small cars and specially for low cost cars. It is reportedly known that the Datsun cars will be developed on Lada Kalina platform that is a highly versatile platform and this will help it to share component across models thus keeping the cost down. Some of the high end Datsun cars will be based on Nissan Micra’s V platform. It is believed that the Datsun cars will arrive in India in early 2015 after the brand launches in 2014. Datsun car price will be under Rs 5 lakh and this will be the prime factor that will add to its popularity.


The Lada Kalina platform based Datsun cars will share a lot of same components such as the steering mechanism, braking system and fuel injection. This will help Nissan keep the price of the car down and also in turn Datsun car maintenance will be highly economical. In order to distinguish the models with each other all the exterior appearance and the interior designs will be entirely different thus each of the Datsun cars may have the same components but all will be different cars. Another thing that is reportedly known is that the Datsun cars will have minimal features but that does not mean that these cars will be ‘cheap’ in terms of quality. Rather, the components used will be of high quality passing all quality checks.

The first Datsun car could be launch sometime in early next year and the brand will officially register its presence sometime in 2014 with a couple of car launches. In 2015, there will be a host of Datsun car coming to India, Russia and Indonesia and all will set afire their respective hatchback and sedan segment. The V platform based high end Datsun cars will also be locally produced at Nissan-Renault joint plant in Chennai. The company has already upgraded the plant to produce Datsun cars in India.

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