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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Divide strengthening between MSI and its workforce

The ongoing strike by the workforce against its management at Maruti Suzuki India’s (MSI) Manesar manufacturing plant sees no immediate end. As the both the parties have totally diverse viewpoint of things. Also the state government of Haryana is not able to focus on this subject suitably, reason being the upcoming by-elections in Hissar, where social activist Anna Hazare has challenged the Congress party.

In previous five months the workers at Manesar unit have halted the work three times, and to worsen the condition the Haryana labour department has whacked a ‘breach of settlement notice’ on striking workers. The notice was issued on 11th October i.e. Tuesday, with a timeline of 48 hours to respond.

MSI is the company which is controlled by the Japan based administration and is well-known for its worldwide best practices, but when the employees of such an organization are pointing fingers then this is not the great exposure. The Manesar strike meant, no single diesel vehicle rolled out of Gurgaon unit on Tuesday.

As per permanent employee, the Human Resource policies at MSI are not at all in favour of its employees and according to the policies company can burden needless pressures on them. Foul language is used by the supervisors in case someone is unhealthy and is little sluggish in completing the job-work assigned to him.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, General Secretary of Suzuki Power Train India said that the latest incident that boiled the situation was MSI turned its back on to restore 44 workers suspended for the strike in September. Another allegation which a worker made against the company was that those workers who have accepted the ‘good conduct bond’ are now shifted to other operations of the company that will cause in deprived performance and the firm will get another excuse to dismiss such workers permanently.

The Maruti administration has however discharged the allegations made by its employees terming them as “groundless”. Chairman Mr. R C Bhargawa, holds outside political obstruction and egocentric views of some people responsible for such unrest at Manesar.

Mr. Bhargawa, who is allied with MSI since its establishment added that, if the workforce had any issues or concerns they should have approached the administration at once rather than opting for the standoff without having a word. He also held the persons in charges of the campaign liable for fueling the problem.

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