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Monday, September 12, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Exports increase, as the domestic market goes through a low

The low in the Indian market has had no effect on the exports from the country. In fact, the exports have increased compared to last year's. The April- August period of this year witnessed a rise of 22.39% in exports. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers have claimed that the passenger car exports in the period of April to August have increased to 2,17,409 units as compared to Last year's 1,77,634 units.

Ford India has enjoyed three times increase in its exports this year. It increased its exports by taking the number of units exported to 10,118 as compared to last year's 3,168. Hyundai Motor registered 1.77% increase in exports with 1,07,572 as compared to 1,05,699 units of last year.

However, the main reason for this year's increase in exports is said to be Nissan's entry in exports from India. Nissan Motor India exported 42,540 units in April-August period, with its main product being Nissan Micra, which is an in-demand car in Europe.

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