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Monday, April 15, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Fiat to launch Linea T Jet soon

Fiat is all set to thrill the market with its Jeep brand soon but it will be giving new life to its existing two cars – Fiat Linea and Fiat Punto. These two cars have been the bread and butter of the brand in India even during the toughest period and Fiat cannot forget these when its new subsidiary car brands are in the offing. Now as per the latest update, the Italian car maker is soon to reintroduce the Fiat Linea T Jet that was discontinued when Linea update was launched in 2012. New updates suggest that it will be launched soon, may be this month.


Fiat Linea Pictures

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Where the Punto has its Sport version available that has 90 hp motor but the Linea still lacks the necessary thrust. Now that the T Jet petrol car is in the offing again with refreshed looks and awesome interiors, it is believed that the line up will have some balance now. The official website of the car also has a new variant added to the list and this is the T Jet. Though these two Fiat cars are slow performers in terms of sales but despite of all odds in the industry, these two tried to keep in sustenance. Also, Fiat’s constant endeavor in keeping these two models anew by whatever means, be it the facelift launch or the special edition or variant launch, these two made the headlines all through.


Fiat Linea Pictures

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The price of T Jet Linea are unavailable right now and these will be available once Fiat launches it. It is believed that it will be a soft launch as this is just the reintroduction of the previously discontinued model. Also, it is highly expected that reintroduction will bring this model to the fore as the previous attempt was also a hit.

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