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Saturday, January 07, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Fiat to launch sub Punto Car!

It’s time for the 11th Auto Expo Show and all the auto makers from across the world are marking their presence at the grand Auto gala going live at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. But apparently, Fiat India is missing from the show as the company is busy crafting its Fiat Sub Punto Car that it plans to launch by the year 2012. The company is very much serious on its Indian prospects and so is doing the best possible efforts to pioneer a small Car suitable for the Indian market. The Fiat's Sub Punto Car will be based on the concept of company's global small car platforms which will be customized to best suit the needs and demands of the Indian market and buyers.   

Fiat Grande Punto Pictures

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Fiat India is so much engaged in its Sub Punto Project, the launch of Novo Fiat Palio & Fiat Uno in India calls into question. The Novo Fiat Palio is already playing on the International roads. No matter what may be the case, this keenness is still enough to reflect the strong interest of Fiat in the Indian market as a Car maker than just being an engine supplier. Time and again, many brands have excelled in the market on the support of Fiat's Multijet diesel engines. They have actually made giant profits while Fiat has lacked behind.  The company's dealerships are yet another prime concern for it which is currently under 50:50 collaboration with Tata Motors.


Fiat Grande Punto Pictures

See More Fiat Grande Punto Pictures Get Fiat Grande Punto Price

Now it’s time to come on the right track and be a part of the race and so Fiat will be focusing more on establishing independent dealerships in 2012 which will definitely give the required boost for excelling in Indian market and to make up for the previous losses. Besides, in aim of standardizing its customer services more, the company has launched Fiat Caffes in the Indian Metro Cities. This will promote its brand value and will also strengthen its relationships with the clients. Before the ongoing Auto Expo, the company has launched New Fiat Grande Punto and New Fiat Linea.

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