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Thursday, May 09, 2019

By Kamal Swami

First Electric Vehicle From Honda Motors To Be Named As “e”

Japanese car maker Honda Motors has revealed the name of its first urban electric vehicle which at the present is undergoing the production phase. According to the sources of company the first electric vehicle from company would be a hatchback and will be simply christened as ‘e”. The prototype of Honda “e” was showcased during Geneva Motor Show 2019 and will have an electric motor installed at the rear portion. The company has although not revealed any details about the features and engine configurations, but has endorsed to enjoy the drive of more than 200 km after charged once. The sources also reveal that “e” will be embellished with the power of fast charging and will charge up to 80% within the span of half an hour.
Front View of Honda e
While revealing the name of its first EV the company also revealed that the next generation of the Jazz hatchback will be offered with the latest hybrid i-MMD engine and will outsources some of its features from the hybrid version of compact SUV CR-V. 
Honda e Interior
Talking about the interior of the Honda “e” it is believed that it will feature a premium interior with flat floor, digital rear view side mirrors and dual screen horizontal display. The company will commence the production of this electric vehicle by the end of this year and will commence the deliveries from next year. Along with these new launches the company speculates to electrify its entire product range till 2025, and this will start by installing the hybrid engines in the cars of small segments. It is believed that the initiative taken by the Japanese car maker will further encourage other car makers to move ahead in the direction of electrifying their existing models and help the Indian government in its objective of electric mobility by 2030.
Honda e Rear View

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