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Monday, July 18, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

First look at New Toyota Fortuner 2012

The new Toyota Fortuner has been unveiled by Toyota for the first time in Thailand. It is the same model that will be the launched in India as well. The Thailand website of Toyota has also put up images on its website along with the specifications of the car. The front end of the car has changed to a great extent especially the grille, the headlamps and the bumper. The rear end and the interiors have undergone some changes as well.

This new model of the Toyota Fortuner is much more elegant and bolder than the older version especially with the features such as the giant chrome grille with horizontal slats. The headlights along with conventional lights get the projector lights. The fog lights added as a feature to this car have been redesigned according to the bumper of the car. Also the older Fortuner looked much rounder from the front which the new version doesn’t look.

Toyota Fortuner Pictures

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The new Fortuner’s front end retains its toughness with the lower front side of the car now being more flat than the old SUV.Toyota has also got rid of the side cladding and made it more muscular than before. If we talk about the rear end Toyota has redesigned its bumper and also changed its tail lamps. The tail lights get new circular brake lamps which have been replaced by the rectangular one that were present in the old Fortuner.

The interior of the new Toyota Fortuner have also gotten some changes especially the centre console and the steering wheel. The old Toyota Fortuner had an interior look similar to that of Toyota’s multipurpose vehicle (MPV) Toyota Innova.The new version has also been given new dials giving the car a new and a fresher look. The major feature that Toyota is offering now is the 4-Speed automatic version in Thailand which might come to India as well. The lack of the auto box was one of the major disadvantages in this car especially considering its huge size for driving in the city.


Toyota Fortuner Pictures

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Due to lack of automatic transmission in the older versions of the Toyota Fortuner a lot of complaints had been receive by Toyota from its customers. Toyota may finally take these complaints into consideration and finally bring out the automatic transmission. Even due to the lack of Automatic transmission the Toyota Fortuner has been selling but only due to the brand name and the look of the car.

Fortuner’s main competitors in the market are Chevrolet Captiva, Mitsubishi Outlander and to a certain extent the BMW X1. However leaving the Fortuner aside all these other cars come with automatic transmission. Also apart from this new Fortuner which is due to be launched in 2012 after its makeover the Chevrolet Captiva is also due for a makeover.

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