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Monday, April 23, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Force India likely to miss Bahrain FP2

Safety concerns are hovering over Bahrain and amid such sensitive situation, the Force India team is evaluating options to run a limited program or skipping the second round of practice in Bahrain GP. Second round of practice is fixed for Friday afternoon.

Bob Fernley, the Deputy Team principal, stated that the discussion over skipping the second session of practice round within the team was on, though the team will for sure aim to participate in qualifying for the race and will also look forward to win the race. The safety issues for the Force India team members raised on Wednesday night consecutive a Molotov cocktail exploded near their hire car.

Speaking more on the safety concerns of the Force India team he further mentioned that the team is going to observe closely the programme study as to what strategy they will adopt next but will observe it for a limited running for FP2. He further stated that Force India may not run but can do a half session. Bob said that they have done a lot of research this morning and have gathered the necessary data that is required now, so if they could afford to they can miss the FP2.

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