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Monday, December 31, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Force Motors Gurkha SUV launch early next year

It is after the taste of success of the Force Motors Force One SUV that the Indian SUV maker is all set to expand its portfolio. With production expansion on cards, the car maker is also all set to launch new cars in India. These will include the revival of the Force Motors Gurkha SUV. With true off roader genes (though in the Indianized form), the Gurkha revival will be its second innings. Notably, this SUV was liked for its rugged looks just as the Mahindra Thar (erstwhile Mahindra Jeep) is considered to be fit for any terrain. But like the Maruti 800, the Gurkha too lost breath due to non compliance with BS4 norms and it was discontinued. Now that it is all set to be revived in a new look, it seems that India is going to have a robust offering in the entry level SUV segment.  

Force One Photo

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Unlike the Mahindra Thar that has a soft top hood, the Gurkha has a body above and thus it will have an upper hand in terms of sales once its hits the roads sometime next year. However, Force Motors as a brand has not been able to transform itself as a maker of highly dependable cars. The Force One SUV has though changed the perception and it is said that the car buyers have increased faith in the brand with it. Other offering by Force Motors such as the Force Motors Toofan and Force Motors Cruiser are a hit in rural areas as people movers.


Force One Photo

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Further details about the Gurkha reveal that it will be launched as a three door variant and will have a more decent road car looks as opposed to the typical defense vehicle in the past. The 4x4 Gurkha SUV will have a refined BS4 compliant 2.6 L engine and will have a host of next generation equipments such as GPS and ABS, EBD etc. All these things will make the Thar SUV a cheap stuff in comparison to the more refined Gurkha.

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