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Monday, June 13, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Ford Fiesta got two new monsters

What do you expect from a company that has been a pioneer in its work for ages? Only thing you can expect from them is to surprise you with innovations now and then. Ford Motors the giant carmakers from USA revealed their newly born twins, one - a Diesel gushing monster and the other a Petrol running giant.

Ford Fiesta Pictures

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The newly unveiled engines come with the capacity of 1.5L and offer five speed manual transmission. The new 1.5L Diesel engine replaces the currently used 1.4L Duratorq engine. It packs 89.72bhp of sheer power and provides 20.81kgm of torque. It also offers in the pink mileage of 23.5kmpl, which may raise some ears. This new Diesel Engine may prove as a boon for the sales of the Ford Fiesta car model in the overly competitive segment, especially in today’s times when the diesel cars are enjoying a greater preference over their petrol counterparts.


Ford Fiesta Pictures

See More Ford Fiesta Pictures

The Petrol Twin is in no means far behind its Diesel brother. With the help Ti-VCT- Twin Independent Variable Crankshaft Timing the Petrol engine provides a peak power of 108.46bhp. It will take you to 17 kilometers for every 1 liter of Petrol, which is quite extraordinary in its league. Ford will use both these engines in its popular Fiesta model, and these monsters are expected to take on the Indian roads within a span of few weeks.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

it is a gud car, it is also sporty so i say it is better than the verna and linea. Very good steering control , Ride quality and comfort.

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