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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Ford India shifts its focus to small cars, will make India an export hub

It is after tasting the success of its hatchback Ford Figo that has also completed two years of its presence in India, that Ford India has enthusiastic plans for small cars in India. Sensing that Indian car market is dominated by small cars and these cars the volume pullers, Ford India will be focusing on small cars and low cost cars in order to capture the entry level small car segment. Currently, Ford has only one small car Ford Figo beside two sedans Ford Fiesta Classic and all-new Ford Fiesta apart from a big sized SUV Ford Endeavour. Launching small cars in India is part of Ford’s strategy to being eight cars in the next three years. Ford B-Max could be the first small car heading for India after the Geneva unveiling.

Ford Figo Pictures

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Apart from making India its prime market for small cars, Ford will be making the country the manufacturing hub as well for exports to Africa and Asia Pacific region. In a recent revelation, Michael Boneham, president of Ford India has reportedly said that Ford has not been able to become a major player in India as it was not catering to the most popular small car segment fully. Experts believe that in order for one car maker to be in the top car makers list it has to cater to the 70 percent of the market which is of small cars.

Ford Figo Pictures

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Michael Boneham has also reportedly said that Ford has been feeding cars brought from outside and this was mistake that has been now felt lately. Now, Ford will be concentrating on small cars similar to Hyundai that has hit the small car segment right from day one and has been successful in capturing the market that was long dominated by Maruti and Tata. Notably, Ford began operations in 1995 and since been able to offer only a handful of cars to India and with the increase in portfolio, its share in the market will also improve and it will help the American car maker to achieve its proposed annual car sales target worldwide.

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