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Monday, November 19, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

General Motors to boost capacity to meet Sail UVA, Enjoy and Sail sedan demand

General Motors is going to expand its car manufacturing capacity in India soon. This is the latest update after the company is buoyed by the immense response to the Chevrolet Sail UVA hatchback launch recently. The company will be stepping up the production at its Halol plant from 85k cars annually to over 1.10 lakh cars annually. Notably, the company has a plant at Halol in Gujarat and it is here that the car maker will be investing to boost capacity. The production boost has been planned sensing the launch of two new cars – Chevrolet Sail sedan and the Chevrolet Enjoy MPV. Both these cars will be launched in the next two months.  


Chevrolet Enjoy Photo

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It is believed that the Sail UVA hatchback will be the best seller as the initial response to the car has been more than enthusiastic and there are unprecedented sales enquiries being received by GM. It is also believed that the utility car Enjoy will also be further boosting the demand for GM cars in India and then the car maker will need to expand its production capacity further. The Enjoy MUV will be directly competing with Maruti Ertiga and it will further be a threat to Toyota Innova and its own brand car Chevrolet Tavera. The Enjoy price will also be the almost the same as that of Ertiga and will be in the range of Rs 5.8 lakh to Rs 7 lakh.  


Chevrolet Sail Pictures

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It is also believed that Chevrolet Sail sedan will be another sales booster for the car maker and it is already creating anticipation among car buyers with the latest teaser on the television. Where the Sail UVA has replaced Chevrolet Aveo UVA, the Sail sedan will be replacing Chevrolet Optra. Now that the car maker has invested over USB 1billion in India, it will be doing everything to justify it. It is expected that the car maker will also be launching a compact SUV soon.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

As per my opinions, Chevrolet should boost the production of Sail UVA and sedan but not Enjoy. Because in presence of Maruti Ertiga and Quanto the demand of Enjoy will not capable to catch speed.

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