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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

By Manoj Kumawat

Google and Ford join hands for developing autonomous cars

According to recent industry reports U.S. based car maker Ford and Google Inc. are going to collaborate for developing generation next self driven cars. The reports also reveal that the final confirmation stamp on deal will be market on January 5, 2016 during International Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas. Confirming the news regarding Google’s collaboration with Ford, source of Google said that they are having talks with U.S. car maker but refused to comment about any anticipation. According to sources an independent company will be established by car maker without affecting the interests of company.
Google's Self Driven Car Picture
As reported earlier Google has been working on self driven car from long time and has successfully tested its car driving it for many kilometres. Understanding the benefits that will be enjoyed by Google with launch of this car Ford will try to exploit the situation by strengthening its roots in world of self driven cars. It would be interested to know that U.S. car maker is also working on developing its personal self driven car and according to reports it will soon start testing of these cars on the roads of California.
Ford's Prototype Self Driven Car Picture
The news regarding collaboration of Google Inc and Ford comes within span of few months since John Krafcik joined as CEO of Google’s project of self driven cars. Prior to this he was CEO of Hyundai’s alliance in U.S, car market. On the other side Ford’s former CEO Alan Mulally was appointed as director in board of Directors appointed by Google. Now it would be interested to see that how both Krafcik and Mulally determine the strategy for self driven cars. 

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