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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

By Kamal Swami

Google to Test Self-Driving Cars in India

Google's Self Driving Car Front View
The concept of self-driving cars or autonomous cars has flourished at jet dynamic speed across the world during couple of years.  Companies like Google, Tesla and Uber have even given shape to their cars and their cars have witnessed being tested on the roads at several occasions. Now, according to recent reports the car enthusiasts in Indian car market might also see the testing of such cars crossing their way soon in coming months. 
Google's Self Driving Car Front Low View
It is reported going through the amendments introduced in the Motor Vehicles Law, government can allow the makers to these cars to test their vehicles on Indian roads. Interestingly reports also reveal that one of the officials from ministry of transportation has also confirmed that the government is going to permit the test drives of such vehicles, after the law related with autonomous vehicles comes in force.
Google's Self Driving Car Rear Side View
If government grants the permission of testing autonomous vehicles in India, then it will open the way for domestic car maker and technical groups to exhibit their technical expertise in front of technical mavens across the world trying their hands towards this future concept of automotive industry.  The bill regarding testing of autonomous cars in India was placed last year in Parliament during the month of August after which it has been forwarded to Standing Committee of the Parliament. 
Google's Self Driving Car Being Test on Roads
The source of Transportation said that once the bill gets clearance from the Parliament testing of such vehicles will commence in India also.   According to a clause in amendment says,  "In order to promote innovation and research and development in the fields of vehicular engineering, mechanically propelled vehicles and transportation in general, the central government may exempt certain types of mechanically propelled vehicles from the application of the provisions of this Act." It is rumored that renowned search engine Google is planning to officially launch its self-driving vehicle for sale from 2020-21. If the concept of autonomous cars succeeds in its objective, then undoubtedly it will be a massive change in the car technology ensuring high safety on roads with less cases of accidents.

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