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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

By Kamal Swami

Headlights of Your SUV Aren’t Safe

Driving at night whether it is on highway or crossing hills is always exciting, especially when you are driving a SUV, at that time you do not consider yourself less than the captain of some cruise. But, do you know that the headlights of your beloved SUV are not safe and might result in happening of some serious accident while you are driving on a single road? This might surprise you, but this outcome as the result of study conducted by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). 
The study was conducted on 37 vehicles to understand the impact of brightness generated by the headlights and the glare they leave over the oncoming drivers. According to results achieved only Volvo XC60 and Hyundai Santa Fe succeed in receiving good ranking while headlights of 12 vehicles were considered acceptable whereas the remaining were graded as poor or marginal. Speaking about the relevance of test the group of IIHS said that most of the manufacturers do not conduct test drive of their vehicles during the night when generally death in accidents takes place. 
Talking about IIHS, the group started the process of rating vehicles from last year, during the test they try to measure the reach of headlights brightness and their intensity on curves up-to 5 lux. Along with this they also try to determine the glare the headlights generate on oncoming vehicles. The generation of less glare means superb performance. Moving ahead it would be interested to know that during the test low beams are also given equivalent importance as most of the times low beam lights are used while driving at night. 

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