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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

High security registration plates mandatory in Delhi effective May 1

Effective from yesterday, the transport department of Delhi has made it imperative for all new to have a high security registration plates (HSRPs). The rule was passed by the Supreme Court in 2008, which finally has been implemented after a long wait of 4 years. However, the old vehicles are will have to comply with this rule effective June 15th. The first car in Delhi to get a HSRP at the regional transport office in Burari is a Maruti Swift Dzire sedan car.

Maruti Swift Dzire Pictures

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This rule is applicable not only in Delhi but all the other states of the country including UP and Punjab. As of now, there are just two functional HSRP centres in the entire Delhi and the department has kept its fingers crossed that the wait for the plates will not be uncontrolled. Rosmertra HSRP ventures has been assigned the responsibility of getting the HSRPs glued onto the cars in Delhi and that too within a time span of six days. If the company did not succeed in getting the HSRPs on the cars, it will be penalized for not achieving the goal. Within next two fortnights, there will be 14 centres in Delhi one each at a RTO office to accomplish the task. Within three years, all the cars in the city, including the new and old will be affixed with the HSRPs.


Maruti Swift Dzire Pictures

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The process to get the high security registration plates is as follows, the new car owner will have to go to the nearby RTO office to get the registration number for their cars. Net step requires the car owners to go to the motor licensing officer who will issue an authorization slip so that the new car owners can go to the HSRP centre and make the payment required to get the HSRP fixed on the car. The date and time to get the HSRP number fixed on the car will be given to the car owner. The car owner will then be required to be present at the HSRP centre on the date and time allotted to complete the process. Government officials claim that this process will not take long; however the only problem that car owners could face is the long waiting qeues and heavy traffic to reach the HSRP centres. These HSRP centres are not located within the RTO office but they are located near the RTO offices.

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