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Friday, April 12, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Honda Amaze is Amazing, Swift Dzire still dazzles

Amazing, Aggressive, Awesome are the three words that best describe Honda Amaze sedan launch. The car launch by Honda has also proved that there may be a delay in launching its first diesel car but it has indicated a complete market capture strategy. Meanwhile, the popularity and high amount of trust for Maruti Swift Dzire that is translated in the form of high volume sales in India will be a lot resisting any other car such as Amaze to come up suddenly. However, a constant word of mouth publicity as well as steady supply of this Honda will be able to turn into some excellent sales results in the coming months. One thing is sure that by putting a start price of Rs 4.99 lakh for this car, the Japanese carmaker has made it clear that it wants its lost sheen back in the Indian car bazaar.

 Honda Amaze Picture

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Maruti Swift Dzire Pictures

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A close look at a Dzire and Amaze specifications, price reveals that the latter has an upper hand over the earlier. However, Honda’s production constraint as well as the high level of trust for Maruti cars will be the two initial deterrents for Amaze to gain instant popularity. Besides this, it is all in favor of this new car and car industry experts believe that nothing can stop it from threatening Dzire in toto.

Honda Amaze price vs. Maruti Swift Dzire price

With petrol model of Amaze starting at Rs 4.99 lakh, it is just Rs 7000 more than the petrol model of Swift Dzire. The most striking thing is about the entry level diesel model grade E which is priced at Rs 5.99 lakh exactly the same as that of Dzire diesel LDi model. Thus the diesel variant of Amaze will be giving some tough time to Dzire as there is more demand for diesel cars in India.

Honda Amaze Pictures

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Honda Amaze Pictures

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Feature and Specs

Feature wise, Honda Amaze also has an upper hand. Honda cars are known for their class interiors and luxury car like comfort. The same has replicated into the new Honda car as well. Whereas reviews of the new cars have rated the interiors of the new sedan mediocre but all have praised space utilization and comfort in the car. Another remarkable difference in specs is that all the Amaze diesel variants are ABS enabled while the Dzire has it only on the top models. Power wise Amaze petrol has 1.2 L iVTEC engine that has peak power of 88 PS while the diesel is 1.5 L iDTEC engine which has 100PS power. While Swift Dzire diesel has 75 PS power which is way below the Amaze.

 Honda Amaze Photos

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Honda Amaze Photos

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In terms of mileage as well, Amaze is a sure winner. The diesel car returns 25.8 kmpl mileage while Dzire mileage is 21 kmpl. The petrol variant offers a mileage of 18 kmpl while the Dzire petrol has an average of 19.1 kmpl.
In a nutshell, Amaze is at an advantage but it is too early to predict success or mediocrity. A 20k or so run will be a better time to judge the car. Being new seems to be no longer a deterrent to its sales. Mileage and power of the diesel variant will make it more popular. Only concerns are its production capacity and could Honda handle expected rise in demand? It will, it seems, certainly in 2014 when the Tapukada plant will be producing cars along with the car parts.

 Honda Amaze Photos

Honda Amaze Photos


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