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Thursday, August 29, 2019

By Kamal Swami

Honda Cars To Introduce New Multi Chamber Airbag Technology

Japanese car maker Honda Cars has develop a new airbag technology in collaboration with airbag manufacturing company Autoliv. Integrating the new airbag technology will help in protecting the head of the driver in case if it do not move in the center of the airbag during the crash.  According to the sources associated with the development in the company the chances of ‘rotational injuries’ are high in case if the head of the driver do not hit the centre of the airbag.
New  Multi Chamber Airbag Technology
Moving ahead it is also seen that in 56% of the accidents the crash doesn’t happen longitudinally, thus resulting severe head injuries. As an impact of the new airbag technology the airbag will inflate from both the sides before its center, thus protecting the head of the driver from getting hit by the side. The bag is developed with the two compartments, the compartment on the exterior front is helpful in decelerating the head of the occupant before it moves inside the bag. 
Speaking about the new technology the sources of Honda said, that the new airbag will be helpful in minimizing the risk of brain damage up to 75 percent. The new technology is, however, undergoing the test at the moment and the results will come out in 2020, when the Japanese car market will launch its new car Acuras in US car market next year. After the airbag manufacturing company Autliv will be free to offer this technology to other car manufacturers. As far as integration of the new airbag technology in the Honda car launched in the Indian car market, it seems that it will take long time until the car maker doesn’t upgrade its existing portfolio. Moreover, as the government has recently mandated the integration of airbags in the upcoming car, the chances of introducing this new technology doesn’t seem possible at-least in coming one year.

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