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Thursday, September 20, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda Civic diesel with EarthDreams technology

Since the time, Honda Motors displayed its new and fresh Honda Civic sedan powered by 1.6 litre of i-DTEC turbo diesel engine; it has been creating buzzes in the global car market. This diesel engine in the car has been built under the new EarthDreams technology that makes the car get diesel motor that has been awaited desperately across the world. Now to get more exposure, the 2012 Honda Civic with the 1.6 litre of turbo diesel motor will makes its global appearance at the Paris Motor show, which is round the corner.

Honda Civic Photo

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This diesel engine fitted into the 2012 Honda Civic is very dynamic and robust. The motor is capable of generating high power output of 120BHP accompanied by 300NM of maximum torque. This one is expected to be highly fuel efficient as well and let out less carbon dioxide emissions.

Honda Civic Photo

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Honda Motors has developed this diesel engine keeping in mind the diesel prices across the globe. For example in India and Europe, diesel is much cheaper than petrol, but sadly Honda Civic 2012 is not planned for India, at least as for now, there are no plans for the company to launch this sedan here.

Honda Civic Photo

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The major reason behind not bringing 2012 Honda Civic in the Indian car market is the tumbling down sales of the present Civic model. According to the reports, the current Civic model has been discontinued and no other model will be launched to replace the same. However, if thought logically, the 1.6 litre turbo diesel engine powered 2012 Honda Civic sedan might come out to be a winner in the Indian car market. If the pricing of the new Civic is kept decent and not as high as the current one, this can survive in the India.

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