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Monday, March 11, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Honda diesel cars, still a distant dream

Honda is not taking India seriously, it seems. Where India has given it the near Maruti status in terms of car sales at a point of time in the sedan segment, the car maker seems to be not at all serious about the country. Where the petrol prices have soared to around Rs 76 a liter and soon to reach around Rs 90 per liter, the car maker still sticks to petrol cars only. As per a recent report, the car maker seems to have no plans of launching the diesel variant of its popular SUV Honda CRV in India. Though the SUV has received the 1.6 L iDTEC motor recently in Europe, the launch plans in India of this variant are still murky.

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It seems as if the car maker is intentionally delaying the entry of Honda Diesel cars as no other time is as ripe as the present for the launch of Honda diesel cars in India. Also, where most of the cars sold in the country are diesel makes, the car maker still has no diesel car variant. But the car sales of Honda cars is still good looking at the overall slump in the market. The small car Honda Brio has literally infused a fresh lease of life to the brand in the country. Notably, the Honda City sedan has failed in its attempt of grip in the Indian car market and now all eyes are on the diesel variant of the Honda cars. But the car maker is still reluctant to launch any of the diesel cars.  

Industry experts have put in their best brains and have burnt hundreds of litres of midnight oil in finding why actually the car giant is not bringing the diesel variants of its cars to India specially when the market sees a non preference for petrol cars. All analysis, all research concludes that it is only the unwillingness of the brand and there is no other reason behind it. May be Honda wants to delay a little bit more but it is sure that once it launches the Honda City diesel, Honda Civic diesel or Honda CRV diesel, or the diesel variant of its small car Honda Brio, it will have tons of enquiries and thousands of buyers at its showrooms in the country.

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