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Monday, December 03, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Honda used car valuation tool live

The next time you want to exchange you old Honda City or Honda Civic or any other Honda car with a new one, do check out the online Used car Valuation Tool launched by the car maker. This will not only help arrive at the right valuation but will also help get the best value for the car. In addition to this those who wish to buy or sell Honda used car can also key in the details and the value of the car will be there on the screen instantly. It is believed that this will help customers get best value Honda used cars and the dealers will not be able to sell cars more than their value.  



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As per reports, this online Used car Valuation Tool by Honda has been launched in UK in collaboration with CAP. This tool supports all Honda cars in UK and thus, it is a boon to those who are about to buy or sell used car. The tool has been added to the main Honda website and visitors can access the tool by visiting the used car or even the new car page of the website. The link to the online Used car Valuation Tool is also available in search results on all popular search engines. Thus it is ease that he tool promises, ease both in access and evaluation of the Honda used cars making Honda cars a profitable affair both while owning or buying/selling it. 
Experts believe that as Honda cars have very good resale value, this tool is going to further save the customers from knowing the exact value of the used car that they wish to buy or sell. Among the most popular Honda cars in India are Honda City and Honda Civic besides the Honda Accord. Now that Honda Brio is in India but it has not yet reached the used car market as the buyers are totally satisfied with the performance and the looks of the car. 

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Thank you carkhabri very good news covered. As well as thanks to Honda for the launch of Used car Valuation Tool that will offer full value of Used Honda cars to customers.

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