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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Hyundai car price hike by upto Rs 2830, export surge by 13.5 percent

April is a month marked by price rise and new car releases. Hyundai Motors which is the second largest car manufacturer in the country has also increased the price of all its cars. The increase in prices is in the range of Rs 575 to Rs 2,830 across all the models and thus it is not a big change in the prices. Right from Hyundai EON to Hyundai Santa Fe, the prices have been increased irrespective of the diesel or petrol variant. Meanwhile, Hyundai has registered 12.3 percent growth in exports for the month of March 2013 and this is a big achievement when other car makers are still to get their sales back on track both domestically and in export destinations.

Hyundai Eon Pictures

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The hike in price of Hyundai cars in India is following the new On Board Diagnostic Compliance Changes (OBDC) that was made compulsory by the government and hence the car maker had to bear some cost of the changes on its own and it has shared some of it with the customers. The Hyundai i20 has the least increase in price by upto Rs 575 on both the diesel and petrol variants while the highest increase is on Santa Fe, Sonata and Hyundai Santro which is upto Rs 2830. There is a price rise of Rs 2500 on Eon while the Hyundai i10 is dearer by upto Rs 900. Hyundai Verna price rise is Rs 1340 while the Elantra’s new price has an increase by Rs 1740.

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Meanwhile, the carmaker has received a severe jolt as far as domestic sales is concerned. Compared to the sales in March 2012, Hyundai sold 33858 cars in March this year which is 13.5 percent less than the corresponding month last year. But exports have taken an upswing and gained by 12.3 percent. Still, eon, i10 and Santro remains the three largest selling Hyundai cars in India.

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