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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Hyundai HB20 China sprint strengthens, car maker attains patent

Hyundai HB20 was long thought to be a Brazil specific car and it was mistaken to be a local car of Brazil but things have changed now. The car maker has taken a patent of the car in China and it seems that it will soon be entering the Chinese land. The car just like the Ford Ecosport in the SUV segment is quite popular and it is expected to be popular in China as well following its small yet spacious nature besides the availability in engine options. The HB20 was never thought to enter India but it seems that with China soon to get it, it could also enter India as well. 
Hyundai i20 pictures
In Brazil, the Hyundai i20 junior car gives stiff resistance to Chevrolet Onix car and is getting increased response in the form of increased sales month on month in Brazil. Basically, this car is a smaller avatar of the i20 hatchback which was specified for Brazil only but now that it has won the land, it seems to have set out to conquer new lands as well. In terms of price as well, the car is much affordable than the i20 and this is one of the reason behind its popularity in Brazil. In China, the car is hoped to have some changes and a new name. Information about the new name in China is not yet available but it is hoped to retain the ‘20’ figure in its name. 
The range of engine options in Brazil are 1L and 1.6L but it is quite unsure whether Hyundai will be taking these two options in China as well because there the power demands in small cars could be different than in Brazil. On the other hand, in India the car maker is believed to be in the process of fitting the diesel heart in Hyundai i10 and making it the most affordable diesel car which will be available under Rs 4 lakh. 

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