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Thursday, April 04, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Hyundai i20 sedan launch in India soon

The entry level sedan market which is currently in the grip of Maruti Swift Dzire is soon to be shared with Hyundai i20 sedan. The sedan version of i20 is launched in Brazil and there it is known as Hyundai HB20S. This is going to be launched in India soon, very soon. The reason why Hyundai will be hurrying up India launch of HB20S is that the market is not ripe as of now and since Hyundai cars are popular in the country, its entry in the compact sedan segment will be very well welcomed. The price of this car is expected to be around Rs 5 lakh and its launch could be sometime during the festive season. As per sources information, the car has got instant success in Brazil and it is believed to replicate the same success story in India as well.

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Another reason why Hyundai may be speeding up the launch of this i20 based compact sedan is that the Honda Amaze is launching on April 11. Once the Amaze settles down, as it seems to happen in all probability, there will be immense demand of the car and at this time, entry of this Hyundai sedan will be worth watching. Also, currently the car maker has no presence in this segment and since the segment is hot, it will surely have huge success.  
Regarding the price of this car, Hyundai will be in a fix. It will in all probability keep its price higher than Hyundai i20 price that starts at Rs 4.82 lakh but on the other hand it will try to keep it priced less than Maruti Swift Dzire that also starts at Rs 4.92 lakh thus there is a little gap in between. Also, it will be all a price game if the car maker wishes it to perform well in the segment.

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