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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Hyundai Veloster unveiled

In London, Hyundai has unveiled the new Hyundai Veloster sports coupe two seater car at the Harrods departmental store chain. The exhibition that has been put up there is in accordance with the Korea Loves London exhibition and is organized in consonance with the Korean trade investment and Promotion Company. Besides the new Veloster, there are a lot of many other gadgets and articles exhibited at the show. This is somewhat like what Tata did with Big Bazaar to showcase its Tata Nano and what Hyundai is doing currently at the same stores in India to showcase the Hyundai Eon small car.

Hyundai Veloster Photo

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The fresh unveil of the car will be able to help the car maker a lot as the departmental store has 1.2 million visitors annually and over 9 million window shoppers annually. This is more like the Big Bazaar partnership program in which Hyundai has showcased the Hyundai Eon small car at the store and visitor can buy or book the Eon right from there. The new Veloster showcase will help Hyundai create an image in the market before it is launched next year in London. Here it will be launched in the coupe version and will have sports car attitude as well as under the hood power.

Hyundai Veloster Photo

See More Hyundai Veloster Photos Get Hyundai Veloster Price

As per media reports, the Veloster price is expected to remain around 18,000 Pounds and at this price it will have lots of features that will surely make it a worth car to buy. As per a report, the Veloster will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity options inside it making it a car that will keep its occupants connected to the world around on the go as well.  Back in India, the Veloster is an upcoming Hyundai car but there is no immediate launch plans and experts believe that it could be sometime next year that Hyundai could bring this car to India as well.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No doubt Hyundai gives excellent features to its models. And I am sure that Veloster will also come with excellent features.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hyundai Veloster is a fun car and perfect combination. it is with excellent features and a fun drive

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