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Monday, April 19, 2021

By Kamal Swami

India On The Way To Lead The EV Segment In The World

Addressing the Amazon Smbhav Summit virtually, Union Minister of Road and Transport & Highways Honourable Nitin Gadkari on Sunday said India will be producing the lithium-ion batteries used in the electric vehicles within the country in less than the period of one year. He also hoped that soon the country will become the number one manufacturer of electric vehicles in the entire world. Moving ahead honourable Minister said, that the government intends to let the auto manufacturers come in front and start the use of the flex-fuel engine in their vehicles. According to him, the government is in the final round of talks with auto manufacturers of the country.
Honorable Minister of Road, Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari
In the words of Hon. Union Ministry, the cost of electric vehicles will come down in the next two years and will be priced in the range equivalent to the petrol and diesel vehicles. He urged that the electric vehicles manufactured in the country should be strictly according to the norms determined in the International market. Moving ahead, Hon. Gadkari expressed his desire of making the country the number one auto manufacturing hub in the globe. According to him, "We have sugar surplus, wheat surplus, rice surplus and that is the problem that our minimum support price (MSP) is higher than international price and market price." 
Explaining India’s preparations for increasing the production of electric vehicles he said, that the government is finding opportunities for the introduction of hydrogen fuel technology (HFL) that works on the use of chemical reactions happening between hydrogen and oxygen (from air) of developing electrical energy to stop the use of fossil fuels.

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